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 Guild Rules and Expectations

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Expectations   Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:25 pm

General Rules

• 1. Be over the age of 18. We are a strictly 18+ guild.
• 2. Have fun.  We are all here to enjoy our time playing and we need to understand that we all have the right to have fun together.
• 3. Be respectful.  There are a multitude of diverse people with unique personalities, beliefs and values; as such, we must respect each of our differences. This means that when disagreements occur, we need to respect those we disagree with, and those that don't want your disagreement in their leisure time. We also need to remember that our actions in groups reflect on the whole guild, thus we need to be respectful in pickup groups.
• 4. Work together.  We are a group of friends that are here to work together to experience the best content we can.  Be a team-oriented player.
• 5. Be creative and positive.  If you have an idea for improvement or any suggestions, please speak with an Officer. If you cannot bring a solution to a problem you are addressing, then you are not helping the situation presented. If you have any questions regarding guild rules or raid rules address any Officer of the guild.
• 6. DO NOT RUN BOTS. If we find out that you are botting, you will be removed from the guild. Period.


Trial Members:

• The trial member designation is for new additions to the guild that will be eligible to be promoted to raider status after two weeks. During those two weeks, trial members will be expected to follow the code of conduct and otherwise meet all expectations of full guild members
• Trial Members may not be able to receive items during raids with the exception of: if the initiate is the only member of a class that can use a class specific item
• During the trial period, you are expected to have a 100% raid attendance. Failure to meet this expectation will result in removal from the guild, or a demotion.
• Throughout the two week period, the guild Officers and Full-members will monitor the conduct of the player, raid performance, behavior within and outside of the guild, as well as his/her conduct with other guild members and decide if we will bring them into the guild
• If it is decided that you are not a good fit we will explain to you why and you will have a chance on a later date to re-apply. We do not tolerate any form(s) of drama at all. If you have caused drama during your initial trial period, then do not make an effort to reapply.


Guild members (casuals and raiders)

• should always treat other players with dignity and respect
• should always be honest and trustworthy
• will not ninja loot
• will not use a profusion of offensive language in guild chat
• will not spam guild chat, or be offensive to anyone in guild chat
• will not give out the guild Mumble password to non-guildies without the permission of an Officer
• will bring issues that cannot be worked out amongst guild members to Officers for mediation
• will be patient if help is not immediately forthcoming for quests or runs
• will be respectful of other peoples time, including showing up on time for raids, instances, or PvP to which they have made a commitment

Guild Raiders:

• are required to have the tools/add ons installed and working on their pc's as recommended by the GM and raid leader, and linked on the website.  It is the raider's responsibility to be aware of the latest requirements and updates.
• 90% raid attendance is required.
• are required to be online on their mains, or reachable on their alt 20 minutes prior to raid time
• are required to be waiting at the raid instance entrance 10 minutes prior to raid time
• are required to be prepared, by bringing all pots, flasks, runes and gear (proper gems/enchants) needed by their character to help make the raid successful
• are required to keep talking to a minimum during raids so that instructions by the raid leader can be heard by all participants
• are required to be team oriented, by assisting where necessary to make the raid group successful.
• will listen to and follow the instructions of the raid leader.

Note: If an Officer or the GM finds that you have been applying, or have applied, to other Raiding Guilds, we reserve the right to remove you from Conviction. If you would like to leave Conviction on good terms, speak to an Officer or the GM prior to quitting with a valid reason.

The Guild Master and the Officers reserve the right to modify, add or delete these rules at any time.
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Guild Rules and Expectations
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