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 Suggestions, Complaints, Etc

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PostSubject: Suggestions, Complaints, Etc   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:10 pm

In order to better serve the members and more quickly address issues that may arise, we are going to have an official way of handling suggestions, complaints, and similar issues and keep it out of raids, for example. We are not omniscient, so we may not be aware of an issue unless it is brought to our attention.

If you have a complaint, suggestion, etc, please do one of the following.

-Send an in-game mail to Cathexis, if you want to do it anonymously, please indicate that
-Send a private message on the forums to Cathexis, again if you want to be anonymous, please indicate it
-Ask to talk about it on Vent

The first two would be the preferred methods, as I can review the issue, organize any ideas/thoughts you may have, and take the issue and bring it to the officers. Please be clear, logical, and don't be a douche about it. We are all adults, so we can act like it, and we are all friends, so we can act like that too.



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Suggestions, Complaints, Etc
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