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 WoW Guild Ranks

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PostSubject: WoW Guild Ranks   Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:38 pm



This rank is reserved for friends/family of Conviction members. This means that, if you are a trial member, you are eligible to request an invitation to the guild for friends or family members. All members have the ability to invite players into the guild.

Note: If at any time a Member decides that he or she would like to participate in Conviction's raids, they must contact an Officer in-game for full evaluation and they will be required to fill out an application.

Note: Members who break any guild rules will receive a warning. Further violations will result in removal from the guild, depending on the circumstances.


This rank is for member's alternative characters.

Trial Member:

This is the probationary period for potential raiders. Trial members have two weeks to prove that they are Conviction material. At this time, you are a target to be removed from the guild at any time if you happen to break the Guild Rules. Officers reserve the right to extend your probationary period.

Note: Each member, prior to joining, is obligated and expected to read the Guild Information forum which includes the Guild Rules and our expectations. Please also be aware that trial members may not receive loot from guild raids unless they are the only class eligible of using the drop(s) and/or all Raiders have passed on the item(s).


In order to achieve the raider status and title, trial members must earn it by proving their dedication, enthusiasm and reliability to guild Officers during scheduled raids. Members who are consistent in showing up for raids (on-time), who have come prepared with consumables, as well as those who demonstrate a positive attitude and understanding within the raid, will be highly considered for a promotion to Raider status.

Note: Raiders have priority on loot over regular guild Members and Trials.

**Also be aware that Officers and the Guild Master reserve the right to demote any Raiders to Member if they choose to take a leave of absence without consulting someone of high rank. If a Raider is absent from at least one week of consecutive raids, without a valid excuse, they will become demoted in order to allow for other members to fill in the needed ranks.


Officers are in charge of their specific roles; meaning that they are responsible for making significant contribution(s) in the process of promoting/demoting, as well as being responsible for members' behavior within the guild. Officers are encouraged to scrutinize Trials of their specific role in attempts to weed out the deficient probationary members prior to promotion as a full guild Raider. Officers should be familiar with their class and should possess vast knowledge in relation to their class, races, specs and any other class related facts that may possibly be utilized. Officers are able to view and speak in the Officer Chat, as well as being able to see hidden forums and participate in Loot Council.

Guild Master:

Responsible for everything guild related. This rank is only given to: Teeze.

Note: Any inactivity within higher ranks without a notice may result in a demotion, depending on the circumstances. Please let us know if you are taking a leave of absence and give us an estimated time (you may post this directly on the forums).

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WoW Guild Ranks
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