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 Welcome back, Convictionites!

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PostSubject: Welcome back, Convictionites!   Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:49 pm

Welcome back to raiding, Convictionites!

Despite not having raided together for months, after taking a hiatus, we managed to push 7/7N (what a complete joke, Blizzard) by one shotting every boss, and 1/7H with good progress on Il’gynoth. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way this week that bringing a full heroic roster into Emerald Nightmare scales the fights to make them significantly harder. Great job to all of the healer core for 4-5 healing heroic content, despite a 30-man roster with intensive healing encounters. Also.. never again..

Also, a great job done by our core raiders by setting the bar high for our fresh trials! We are all very excited to be back raiding with fresh content!

Keep it up, and let's see some more heroic kills on Sunday!

Note: We forgot to take a kill of our first heroic boss kill in Emerald Nightmare - so instead, here are our pretty faces after clearing EN this week on normal. Because normal was such a struggle. Kappa.



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Welcome back, Convictionites!
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