The official forums for the World of Warcraft guild, Conviction (formerly Convicted of Korgath). This guild is based out of the PVP server Bleeding Hollow.
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 New Raiding Updates

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PostSubject: New Raiding Updates   Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:20 pm

New Raiding Updates

The Officers of Conviction have noticed an increase in poor attendance, attitude and terrible performance. As a result, we will begin enforcing the following:

  • You will be replaced and benched if you do not meet the 9.5k DPS requirement. This is being slightly generous. If you are not able to do 9.5k DPS in the gear that you all currently have, then you are doing something terribly wrong.
  • You will be replaced if you are AFK or Offline for more than 5 minutes. If you need to go AFK for a valid reason, contact an Officer during the raid before doing so. We will no longer wait around for you if there are members on stand-by.
  • You will be replaced if you display a negative attitude within any of our Raids and will be placed on warning/suspension. Keep it out of Guild Chat, Raid Chat and Ventrilo. If you absolutely must vent, do it to someone who gives a shit in a private tell. Your negativity is absolutely not wanted.
  • You will be replaced or placed on suspension if you consistently speak over the Officers or Raid Leader(s) during a raid. We have designated players to give out instructions, and unless you were asked to speak during a Raid, refrain from doing so. Ventrilo chatter must be drastically decreased to increase our raid performance and completion.
  • You will be placed on suspension or will receive a deduct in DKP if you sign up to raids and fail to attend. If you sign up to a raid and are unable to attend, POST ON THE FORUMS or DIRECTLY ON THE SIGN UP! You are wasting our time.
  • You will be replaced if you continuously have to be reminded to flask/elixir/eat food buffs or buff the raid. It is your responsibility to come prepared to our Raids and be on top of the game. This means that when we are ready to engage a boss, all buffs, flasks and elixirs have been buffed/consumed.

We have been holding some of your hands for far too long. It is time to take responsibility for yourselves in a game that is incredibly easy to play. Check to see, on a weekly basis, how your performance is in comparison to other raiders in the guild via the Conviction WoL website; remember, you WILL be replaced if you are unable to hold your own weight in Conviction.



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PostSubject: Re: New Raiding Updates   Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:56 pm

nicely said. Wish I could be around like I used to be.
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New Raiding Updates
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