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 WoW Raiding Schedule & Expectations

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PostSubject: WoW Raiding Schedule & Expectations   Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:23 pm

Current Raiding Schedule

Raid Days and Times

Tuesday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm CST
Sunday - 6:30pm - 10:30pm CST
Monday - optional clean up night @ Tuesday raid time


We expect a 2/2 night a week attendance for those of Raider status. We understand real life priorities so if you are unable to attend a raid, contact an Officer in-game or post it directly in the absence thread. Raiders with a poor raid attendance will be subject to demotion to Member status - meaning they will lose guild/bank perks, have lower loot priority and potentially lose their raiding position within the roster.

If you are planning on missing any raid(s), we ask that you do post on our forums stating that you will not be able to attend. However, if a Raider shows a consistent pattern of creating excuses for not showing up to raids, they will be considered for demotion.

Raiding Specs/Respeccing

Unless otherwise stated or confirmed by an Officer, all Raiders must show up to raids with their designated talent specifications. If you choose to respec without consulting an Officer prior to a raid, you will be subject to removal from the roster. The spec that you were recruited for is the spec that we expect you show up to raids with; however, there may be specific occasions where an Officer might request a temporary respec to benefit the raid (provided said player has equivalent off-spec gear).

If you wish to change your spec permanently, you must obtain permission from the Guild Master or an Officer. If it is in the guild's best interest to have you respec, you will incur no penalty. If it is not in the guild's best interest for you to respec, you may be asked to reapply to the guild with your proposed spec.

Loot Distribution

We are currently using a modified Loot Council system to distribute gear.
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WoW Raiding Schedule & Expectations
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