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 3.3 - Guild Modifications ** IMPORTANT **

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PostSubject: 3.3 - Guild Modifications ** IMPORTANT **   Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:06 am

3.3 - Guild Modifications

The following changes will be made - within Conviction - with the new 3.3 Patch and Icecrown.

DKP/Raiding Modifications

  • All current DKP will be reduced by 90% to begin ICC.

  • DKP decay is now in effect. Each month, 10% of all DKP will be removed.

  • Players who hold a Raider status within Conviction will now be expected to show up for every raid. Failure to attend will result in a 10-25% DKP reduction unless a reason for absence is given before any/all scheduled Raid Events. Consistent lack of attendance will result in removal/suspension/demotion and all DKP will be revoked.

  • Officers reserve the right to Veto any bid(s). This will be done if the Officers feel that a Raider is bidding on gear that does not benefit his/her class or if the Officers feel that a Raider is not deserving of the piece of loot (based on attendance, performance, attitude, etc.).

  • Officers reserve the right to force a player to take a piece of gear. This applies when:

    1. A Raider passes on a piece of loot that is a distinct upgrade for them as to not spend DKP.
    2. A Raider passes on a piece of loot to an initiate when the item is an upgrade for said raider.
    3. A Raider passes on a piece of loot that is an upgrade and will be disenchanted if not awarded to said raider.

Note: Officers reserve the right to add, modify or delete any of these changes.



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3.3 - Guild Modifications ** IMPORTANT **
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