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 New Raiding Expectations - ICC 25 +

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PostSubject: New Raiding Expectations - ICC 25 +   Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:10 pm

New Raiding Expectations - ICC 25 +

This is highly important and ALL Raiders must thoroughly read each of the following statements:

  • There have been an influx of Raiders hollering/screaming and talking over Officers during raids. This is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. You are creating a negative atmosphere for us to work in and are NOT ALLOWING US TO DO OUR JOBS. This has to stop. If you are not designated to speak during a raid, do not speak. At all.

  • The above includes calling out Boss Moves in vent such as, "Goo", "Bites", "Switches", etc. The Raid Leader is designated to call out specific things during a fight and Raiders are NOT required to do so. You are only confusing the Raid.

  • You are responsible for your personal Raid Awareness. If you are not able to view your surroundings and adjust accordingly without someone holding your hand, then be prepared to lose your Raid Spot.

  • Negativity in Raids is NOT ACCEPTABLE. This has been a rule for many, many months and still some of you do not follow it. If you have a suggestion, whisper an Officer and we will take it into consideration.

  • This means, KEEP RAID CHAT AND GUILD CHAT QUIET. If you need to talk or bicker, then create your own channel for people to join.

  • Each wipe that occurs in ICC 25 + will now be treated as we would treat Algalon. Release and run back immediately. Buff, eat the feast, and we pull. Any necessary changes will be made by the discretion of the Officers. Again, if you would like to provide suggestion(s), whisper one of us and we will address it.

  • This means, NO MORE AFKing unless approved by an Officer. If you need to go AFK, whisper an Officer with your reasoning why and how long you will be. Do NOT say "BRB" in Raid Chat or Guild Chat.

  • A 5-10 minute break will be given at, roughly, the half-way point of the raid. Prior to Raid Invites, get your shit done and ready. If you need to eat, use the washroom or let out your animals, do it before the raid.

  • Keep it together. These changes are being made because, again, many of you seem to think you have become Officers without the title. There is a reason why I designated specific individuals to wear this status; let us do our job. We can not Raid Lead when a quarter of the Raid is discussing strategies before a boss pull, or talking over an Officer during Boss Explanations. It is not necessary for you to speak. If we have missed something, whisper the designated Officer and he/she will address it.

  • In addition to everything listed here, many of the Officers now have the ability to mute the entire Ventrilo Channel. If you are continuously speaking, you will be muted. When an Officer is speaking, the entire channel is muted. Be respectful. We have a hard enough job as it is without you guys trying to take over.

Thank you.


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New Raiding Expectations - ICC 25 +
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